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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  April 30, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning it is 4:00 protesters in cities across the country unite nag call for justice over the death of freddie gray. plus details on an event happening today right here in philadelphia. >> and local college student hit by a car the driver just took off police just found the vehicle. live report coming up. >> yesterday, it was a ten right? >> yes. >> how about the next few days? >> maybe. >> let's hope. sue has your full forecast. >> good day everybody it is thursday april 30th, 2015. the weekend almost here. you know, after a day like yesterday it, felt like friday didn't it? just hoping for the weekend? >> i called you around 5:30 p.m. right in the height of the beautiful weather to talk to you about something. >> i was -- >> were you doing something fun outside away from your
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phone? >> guess what, i was sitting in traffic head today career day or career night last night. >> very good. >> knew it was something nice for the community. >> i try. >> sue, thanks for the weather yesterday. >> your welcome. i wish i was responsible. see, if i take the credit for the good werth then i have to take the blame for the bad. i don't want. that will so i hope did you get a chance tone joy t today is really not going to be too bad either. we're watching a coastal storm, we showed that you yesterday, watching it progress, as that happens, though as we told you yesterday, we expect it to move off shore. so any showers we get out of this which would be late today, tomorrow will probably not be numerous. make sense? okay good. 53 degrees current temperature, 8-mile per hour winds out of the east northeast. 74% relative humidity, and 6:03 is our sunrise time, as these days continue to get longer. and they will continue to do so until the first day of summer. weather by the numbers for
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your thursday, we go with a eight out of ten we expect increase in clouds we also expect maybe by the end of the day a stray shower. but it is still going to be a nice one for the most part. just not as nice as yesterday. we got to 77 degrees yesterday. sixty-eight is our high today. with increasing clouds, and then tonight stray shower or two, and it will be a chillier night with a low of 48. so there is your thursday foxcast, seven day forecast, is on the way. bob kelly is here right now how are you doing? >> i'm doing good. good morning everybody 4:02 cool shot of the moon out there this morning crystal clear skies good shot of the penndot construction crews working all night long here, live look downtown philly express lane one lane between the schuylkill and broad. light volume at the moment. if you are coming in early just be ready to hit the brakes. there is a tight squeeze as you roll in through the construction zone. same deal here coming over the benny, no problems at all as soon as you come through the toll plaza right lane lined up here with the traffic cones. so only three lanes coming in
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toward philadelphia. they are also still working 95 northbound between bridge and cottman avenue. and of course the the cottman avenue off ramp closed until about 5:30, all part of the construction working on the pennsylvania turnpike couple of different spots sent earned around the willow grove, septa using shuttle buses, and no problems, though across the board on mass trans i am. chris lauren, back to you. >> following break being news right now in the hit-and-run accident that injured a local college student. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce liver at temple hospital where the young woman is fighting for her life, jennifer good morning. >> good morning we're hearing at that time car that was involved in that accident has been found breaking details from the accident investigation division. we have a crew on the way to the lot where that vehicle is currently sitting. meanwhile, a 22 year old temple university student is fighting for her life here at temple hospital. we're told she is extremely critical with head and leg injuries after she was struck by a car last night while
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riding her bike near the intersection of park avenue and diamond street near campus. the accident happened just before 7:30 according to police the victim was hit by silver mitsubishi gallant she was thrown from her bike on to the roadway witnesses reported seeing three men inside the car according to police initially stopped then took off from the scene. while the vehicle has been located no word yet on who was inside that car. police are asking for your help tracking them down. >> on police arrival found 22 year old female unconscious on the highway suffering from severe head trauma, also had what appeared to be compound fracture to her left leg. the vehicle according to witnesses initially stopped after striking this female on the bike. then it sped off. west on diamond, then north on broad street. the vehicle is described as an older model 2003 or 2004 in
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that area silver mitsubishi gallant four-door. it should have damage to the front windshield on the passenger side. >> and here is a look at the surveillance images re least the by the accident division. it shows the silver mitsubishi gallant, again the car has been recovered. if you have any information on who may have been driving that car, or may have been a pass inning nerve that vehicle you are urged to call the accident investigation division: (215)685-3180. chris, lauren? >> jenny thanks for the update. we appreciate that. >> 4:05 is the time. street of baltimore remain relatively calm following second night of city-wide curfew. >> protest haves spread to other cities. plan fox's rich with the details from baltimore. >> for the second night in a row curfew is in effect in baltimore, protests grow larger in cities across the
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country. hundreds every protesters in baltimore marched to sit hall chanting tell the truth stop the lies freddie gray didn't have to die. hopefully we will learn from. >> this both sides the citizens and the police, and try to come together and do something positive. >> those demonstrations are spread to go new york, minneapolis, washington, d.c., rally in manhattan square started with hundreds chanting hands up don't shoot. police there have arrested dozens after p group began disrupting traffic. >> people should be aligning themselves with the communities, strengthening themselves and what you are seeing is like the breaking down of communities which is really quite sad. >> meanwhile the washington post reporting prisoner riding in the police van with freddie gray told officers the 25 year old was banking his head against the walls intentionally trying to injury himself. gray was later found unconscious and died after spinal injury, a week later. one thing that report mentions the prisoner was on the other side of the metal partition. could not see freddie gray. so a lot of things can sound like banking on metal wall.
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if you can't see it, it is hard to believe it. >> police in baltimore say they'll finish their investigation into gray's death on friday, and turn those findings over to the prosecutor's offers then. in baltimore rich edison fox news. in her first public remarks about the unrest in baltimore, u.s. attorney general lore eight lynch urges calm. she said the violence undermines wider efforts to build bridge between police and the people. >> i want to make it clear once again that these senseless act of violence are not only a grave danger to the community, and they must stop, but they are also counter productive to the ultimate goal here, which is developing a respectful conversation within the baltimore community, and across the nation about the way our law enforcement officers interact, with the residence that we are charged to search and to protect. >> well sworn in monday the same day as freddie gray's funeral, few hours later the riots and looting started.
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justice department opened civil rights investigation into gray's death. and today activists in philadelphia set to demonstrate in solidarity with baltimore. >> the mass protest also aims to bring awareness to alleged cases of police brutality localliment fox 29's steve keeley live outside now philadelphia city hall where the protest is set to happen this afternoon we understand, steve? >> reporter: well the philly police just seeing those scenes from new york are say put it mildly, really on their toast now. because they know it is just not philadelphia people that will take part in the protest but short quick ride down to philadelphia. to show solidarity with people both in baltimore and new york going from maximum in the at maximum coverage time, that's during the evening rush hour just like they started in new york and that you saw there went to midnight up in new york causing perhaps maximum disruption is a concern here for center city drivers and septa bus routes. now, look at the facebook page for the group that organized this here, mainly, right now
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about a thousand student from penn drexel, temple, plus, they are asking, everybody all races all ages just like you saw up in new york. the message on the facebook page there are so many similarities between what's happening in baltimore and what's going on here in philly we stand with the baltimore protesters, and uprising, bring signs drums and your voices. well the protest most recently similar case here is the death of brandon tate brown, despite the da here clearing the two policemen as justified, and shooting him to death few months ago his mother addition agrees and filed a civil notice that she is suing the city and the police department. >> let's go if we have the video more on the new york case city police tell us they are taking notice of last night's new york march in solidarity with baltimore, where the march is up there also started out like they planned to do here at
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dinnertime, at daylight and still going strong into the darkness more than 100 arrests, at least one police officer in the hospital hit with a throwing object. they say a lot of protest remembers throwing bottles one news crew reported being jostled around, and again they see that up in new york and they see the possibility of people trying to do something, like that here in fill but philly, septa police have been holding a lot of demonstration action here in check lightly. they let the people have their first amendment right to free speech. they even let them walk in the street. unlike new york, because new york didn't want them in the street. they shut down the holland tunnel west side highway, here they let -- they let protesters off shutdown big roads, even during evening rush hours. as long as the protest stays peaceful they let them parade in the street, but we haven't seen peaceful protest in baltimore and in new york in recent days, and that's the concern here. but we're seeing more in new york than baltimore last knife. >> steve keeley, thanks so much. along those lines pennsylvania
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state police will now join other law enforcement agencies work to go restore call until baltimore. in fact, 300 pennsylvania troops err and other personnel assigned to go to maryland. the announcements came after new jersey sent troopers and other staff to baltimore. we're going to continue of course to follow this story throughout the morning for you. we will have live report from baltimore, starting at 6:00. but you can always find the very latest on our website in other news this morning septa police chief tom necessary he will sent out a tweet overnight, stating wants were approved in connection with this caught on tape brawl. it happened last week, at the broad street line spring garden station. a 18 year old arrested saturday. police say early on it appeared most of the suspects were student. >> 4:00 is one coming up, spiraling out of control why russian spacecraft will not make it to the international space station. >> plus surprising new information about that gyro copter that landed on the lawn of the us capitol. the revelations that disturbed lawmakers the most about this.
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and just like that the snow is gone. and parkas become jackets. and sweaters go down for a long nap. and off you go. and your backyard gets a whole lot bigger. and you're running... and climbing... and your gear gets lighter and trimmer, and fitter and smarter. and now every frozen second spent willing this day to come is just a warm fading memory. ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> this has everyone moving. bob, that are you doing? >> i'm tapping my foot. >> it is a subtle movement.
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>> true. four have 14, this thursday morning. yesterday was a ten sue, so you know what? it is hard to top that. >> and we won't. we're going to leave it where it was in its ten-ness hopefully you had a decent day at least with little time outside yourself. here's what's happening. i think the day will start out just as pretty as it was yesterday. with the approaching storm system we're watching, still speccing it to move off shore throughout the next day or so. but, it is right now inbetween north and south carolina. and will start to spread some clouds into the area by this afternoon, won't be able to rule out stray shower, especially the closer you are to the coast and the further south you are may see shower or two. here in philly, maybe maybe not. but if you're -- if your kid has a game tonight little league game, softball game, should be able to get it in. here is ultimate doppler right
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now. nothing in our area. little disturbance out in the western part of the state. i don't expect that to hold together. and affect us, at all again watching the some, as the system gets organized. so the fox future cast, showing you the rest of the day, see we start out with sunshine, early sunrise time, see plenty of sunshine, see the clouds start to increase little bit by lunchtime. but still the sun breaks through, then possibility of stray shower, maybe any time after 4:00, a . it looks like maybe some more organized rainout to the west northeast flow from the system. >> very hit or mills with the showers, that's the future cast for the rest of the day here are the temperatures as you walk out the door right now 53 degrees in the sit 48 mount pocono, 49 degrees in reading, 55 in dover and five in wildwood. so not a bad start to the morning at all. wind speeds, about 8 miles an hour and starting to see a switch to the northeasterly wind. that will keep us chillier
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than yesterday and it will keep us cloudier than yesterday for the balance of today, say the latter part of today and tomorrow as well. and it looks good for the weekend, but yes it was a ten yesterday. this was the official hi 77 degrees. we like double seven's. today, 68, still not bad as we said. and 60 degrees tomorrow, with stray shower or two throughout the day not a lot of rain, it depends on the track of that low pressure system that is moving off shore. then we get to the weekend how about a nine on saturday, with 72 degrees, and a ten again i'm sure on sunday. again, bless you, broad street run is on sunday. we're all sneezing in the studio this morning because we went outside yesterday, didn't we bob kelly and enjoyed some of the sunshine, and we breathe in the a lot of political glenn yes and that pollen was high the last couple of days. allergies are going crazy. good morning everybody 4:17. live look at i95 up in
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northeast philadelphia, part of the construction zone there, crews are getting ready to pick the cones up. they are still down, though, here the vine street expressway coming into the city off the skewing into the vine, one lane pattern until about 5:30, 6:00 or so getting ready to leave the house in south jersey into problems or delays here on the freeway. just again watch for that construction pattern as you work your way in to 295. the cone zone on the pennsylvania turnpike, two separate locations in the area of willow grove. so just watch for lane restrictions both east and westbound, new closure went into effect yesterday newtown road shutdown between sugar town and waterloo. midday work, going to tie us up so be ready for that after 9:00. septa using shuttle buses until 5:00 on both the market frankford and the broad street subway and for the gang leaving pottstown 9:00, get ready for midday jammo working on 422 eastbound between arm and hammer and san towing a so after 9:00 they're
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going to take it down to one lane on 422 chris lauren, back over to you. 4:19 story in nepal. rescue crews pulled man from rubble five days after the massive earthquake. his rescue coming after spending nearly eight hours trapped in a room with three dead bodies. meanwhile the death toll has now topped more than 5500, and officials fear the death toll could double that. the united nations says 8 million people are affected by last saturday's earthquake. >> russia supply capsule went into uncontrollable spin after launch declared a total lost. astronaut at the international space station says they'll get by without delivery of fresh water, food, clothing and equipment. the capsule caring 3 tons every goods began tumbling when it reached orbit. astronaut kelly said the at tree mount planned for these kinds of things to happen, and unfortunately they do, as evidence here.
4:20 am
second cargo ship lost in the past six months. the landing of gyrocopter tore on the lawn of the us lawn was the subject after congressional hearing yesterday. >> those gave few answers about how law enforcement responded and what changes if any have been made since. james rosen has more. >> that will not happen again. >> offering heartfelt vows to do better next time, heads of seven federal agencies responsible for security in and around washington, d.c. explained to house lawmakers how 61 year old douglas hughes a florida postal worker touting campaign finance reform, managed to land his homemade gyrocopter on the lawn of the capitol building on april 15th. >> you have got a dude in a gyrocopter 100 feet in the air, crossing 30 plus miles of restricted air space. >> according to a time line offered by us capitol police chief kim dine, the agency was tipped off to hughes' flight 24 minute before it ended. but it wasn't until few
4:21 am
minutes after hughes landed just yards from the capitol building that the complex was placed on lockdown. and hours passed before members of congress were alerted to the incident. >> we had an overly complex notification system, immediately fixed that. >> hughes reportedly notified media and the secret service of his stunt before his flight. going sofas to live stream it on his website. but what most disturbed lawmakers was why the gyrocopter went undetected by radar after taking off from airstrip in gettysburg pennsylvania nearly 100 miles from the capitol and hurdling into america's most restricted air space. >> the things that were filtering out are things like birds, weather systems or small things that do not pose a threat to aviation safety. >> douglas hughes now faces two charges of violating national defense air space, and operating an unregistered aircraft. has been ordered confined to his home in russkin florida co-face to up four years in
4:22 am
prison n washington, james rosen, fox news. 4:22 the time. coming up: play ball without fans. many oriol royals stood outside the stadium making baseball history at camden yards. we'll tell you how the players react today that decision to play without fans in the stand.
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>> i know it is adrift crazy day with the draft tonight
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but the phillies did send their best pitcher to the mounds. going to st. louis. game tied at two-two, in the fifth inning, ground ball to first ryan howard makes nice throw, peter beats it to the plate. cardinals take the heat. they beat the phillies five- two. strange game game yesterday at baltimore more, yes empty stadium, wouldn't allow the fans in because afraid of all of the things going on in baltimore. casino of interesting. last out of the inning, player usually tosses the ball up to the fans. well chris davis baltimore it but there are no fans. i guess they'll get it next week. game seven stanley cup playoffs to tampa. how about those tampa bay lightning? coburn remember him scores, four minute into the third period. tampa goes onto win the game two-nothing, with open net. they win the series four games to three. that's sports in a minute. i've howard eskin. >> all right sharply dressed howard with the game between the orioles and white sox camden yard yesterday beyond
4:26 am
strange. the game went on with no fans inside the stadium. >> plenty of actually funny moment mix in the with the serious ones. before the game, orioles catcher, call em joseph signed autographs for imaginary fans along the thirds baseline, then tipped his capitol crowd. it was so quiet orioles manager said he towelly heard the bullpen phone ring when he called it. amazing. >> but they're dedicated. they stood outside the stadium in the perfect place so they could still see parts of the game. look at them waiving to the non-existent crowd. >> oh that's classic. it must have been weird for these guys, though. >> well you played baseball in college. i know how it is, you get adrenyline rush off the crowds be there. >> absolutely. even in little league, at least your parents are there. >> all they had was the coaches. >> all right coming up: septa involving number one
4:27 am
crime plaguing mass transit system lands two people in jail. we'll explain how this all went down straight ahead. >> plus describing the aftermath. first responders take the stand at the movie shooting suspect james holmes, their emotional testimony.
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and just like that the snow is gone. and parkas become jackets. and sweaters go down for a long nap. and off you go. and your backyard gets a whole lot bigger. and you're running... and climbing... and your gear gets lighter and trimmer, and fitter and smarter. and now every frozen second
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spent willing this day to come is just a warm fading memory. ♪ >> police dis covered the car involved in a hit-and-run after local college student. and septa sting involving
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number one crime plaguing our mass transit system lands two people in jail. we'll explain what went down. and take a last look outside yesterday, it was gorgeous another mild start to the today. some changes are on the way. sue will explain in her full forecast. good day everybody it is thursday, april 30th 2015. >> good morning lauren dawn johnson. >> good morning. >> how are you today? >> great. >> i think that's par for the course on this shift sue serio it was almost sort of summer like out there this morning, waking up. >> yes, but here is the thing we didn't have the humidity. >> no. >> no mosquitos. >> yes. >> that was the greatest. could you have a good hair day and still go outside. it was perfect. it was perfecter than perfect in my opinion. we don't see a lot of clouds out there this morning so, it is a pretty comfortable start. little area of rainout in the western part of the state that's not expected to amount to anything. we will keep an eye on it, but
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doesn't really look like it is heading eastward. this is a system we're watching some storm not real potent storm still expecting it to move off shore over the next day or so more about that to come. 53 degrees walking out the door 8-mile per hour winds 74% relative humidity, not too bad. 6:03 is your sunrise time. so that's all good as well. what number should we give today? i agonize over it every day. going with a eight today. i think we'll have beautiful start. i think by the end of the day things will be cloudier, so we can't give you another ten but we can give you a 68 degrees. and increasing clouds, throughout the day 48 degrees, tonight with a stray shower or two more on that storm, weekend forecast, broad street run forecast, all of that coming right up. but let's say good morning to bob kelly. how are you doing? >> good morning, sue. 4:32 hello everybody. live look downtown philly, the schuylkill expressway, coming in, to center city no
4:32 am
problems or delays at all the trains are all lined up ready to go there at 30th street station. i95, northeast philadelphia okay right here. but, they're working in the stretch between bridge and cottman avenue. so just watch for some lane restrictions the schuylkill inbound at the moment, no problems or delays at all again, southbound 95 out of the northeast no big delays but again north and southbound, between bridge and cottman avenue, just watch for the work crews because of light volume, and the lane restrictions, real now backups at the moment. and out of there by a 30:00 or so. cone zone, the pennsylvania turnpike few spots between bensalem and willow grove. crews out there until about 5:30 or 6:00. septa using shuttle buses until 5:00 both the market frankford and broad street subway coming in from south jersey you're in good shape on the freeway and 295. >> 4:32 the time. we have breaking news this morning.
4:33 am
investigators have recovered a car that hit a temple student yesterday. >> fox 29's jenny joyce live at temple hospital where the young woman's fighting for her life. hi jenny. >> reporter: good morning chris, lauren, they found the car little while ago. how much, at this point no arrest haves been made. although, police do tell us that they have a person of interest in this case. all while as you said 22 year old temple university student fighting for her life here at temple university hospital. victim of this hit-and-run has critical head and leg injuries after she was struck by a car last night while riding her bike near the intersection of park avenue and diamond street near campus. the accident happened just before 7:30, according to police the victim was hit by a silver mitsubishi gallant. she was thrown from her bike on to the roadway, witnesses reported seeing three men inside the car. they initially stopped then took off from the scene according to police. >> the vehicle was occupied by three males.
4:34 am
appear to be three young males, getting information after the vehicle stopped possibly the passenger in the rear seat encouraged the driver to leave the scene. right now that's our preliminary information. all of these witnesses are being interviewed. >> we're not sure exactly who the red light at this time or if anyone violated any traffic control devices at this time. however, if you're involved in a auto accident, you have to stay on the scene and at least notify authorities and render a cyst tans. and this particular driver clearly left the scene. so we're handling this as hit-and-run auto accident. >> reporter: here is a look at surveillance images released by the accident division last night, it shows the silver mitsubishi gallant again this car has been recovered. police have an idea who they are looking for. if you have any information with information to assist them with this investigation you are urged to give them a call. only on fox this morning septa sting two arrests in
4:35 am
frankford in this case, a septa rider reported his cell phone stole friend 13th and market and it was tracked. owner reportedly called by a woman offering to sell it back to him for $250. >> seriously? >> that's when she and the man police believe actually stole the phone were met by undercover officers. >> oops. septa wants riders and would be robbers to know they take such matters pretty seriously. >> we've had pretty good success with catching the people right away, and if we don't catch them right away we will coup on tracking them. >> if you commit a crime on septa you are getting lock up. so unless you have a desire to have a cheese sandwich, keep your hands in your pocket and don't steel anybody else's property. that's right. >> cell phone theft down almost 50% in the first four months of this year. the chief credit good police work with combined increased awareness bypass inning ers to better protect their
4:36 am
belongings. >> watches us every morning. good morning mr. nestel. >> an unusual request after they cannot reach averred. we'll explain. >> and 4:36, a daring daylight heist, luxury department store, where this is and how these thieves got away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.
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good morning, 4:39, after a winter of slow growth the federal reserve is keeping a key eye on the key interest rate unchanged. the rate has remained near zero now for six years, a statement from the fed notes growth slowed, businesses softened, annex ports declined all bad signs there. jurors in the man accused dollars in the 1979 disappearance, six year old aiden paths is headed back to new york in a courtroom today after saying they were dead-locked. jurors said they could not reach unanimous verdict in the trial of pedro hernandez. judge told them to keep trying. and the jurors have made the unusual request to have closing arguments re-red. paths disappeared while walking to his manhattan school bus stop. one of the first missing children to appear on a milk carton. >> prosecutors continue presenting their case against colorado theater gunman james
4:40 am
holmes three police officers who respond the to the deadly 2012 attack describe the bloody scene and blaring sounds as they walked into the suburban denver theater. >> first male had gunshot wound to the put objection as well as his knee. i treated a female that had a gunshot wounds to her buttocks as well. i treat add male that had a gunshot wound through his right shoulder. that will one -- >> twelve people killed 07 other injured during shooting. defense lawyers says compelled james holmes to killed, and asking for verdict of not guilty bee reason of insanity. >> boston marathon bomber tsarnaev dzhokhar presenting witnesses this week. they are hoping the testimony's will convince jurors to sentence tsarnaev to life in prison instead of death. his third grade teacher testified yesterday that as a child, he was quiet hard-working, and always
4:41 am
wanted to do the right thing. the same injury that i convicted him of all 30 charges will soon decide how he should be sentenced. >> former rap music mogel suge knight due back in a los angeles courtroom to be re arraigned on murder charge after judge determined he should stand trial. co-founder of death row records accused of running over two men outside after compton burger stands in january. nights nights health has become an issue and has been hospitalized five different times after court hearings. >> coming up: mystery of a colorado highway. what's causing car windows to suddenly break? >> plus piece of rock-and-roll history swiped right from a museum. a pair of elton john's glasses gone. the clue that thieves left behind that helped police track him down. >> ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> artist? >> chicago. >> albumn? >> don't know. >> cover? (laughter). >> i just know early chicago, before they got all really super in the early's, 80s
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great hits like this, then 25 to six to four, then all of these awesome songs. >> ♪ ♪ you think it was the fourth of july ♪ ♪ >> sore. >> i okay. >> so you know, yesterday when you called, i was stuck in traffic i was headed here. i went to career night. they changed from career day to career night so more people could go. can you fine me in that group of high scullers. >> you look like a high schooler. >> look how young you are. >> oh in the middle. >> yes. >> there in the middle there. >> they were such a great audience they had so many good questions and these students have a really good story. i'm going to try to go back there and tell a story from pennwood high school. >> who is the principal that far high school? >> brandon cool. >> i very good. >> yes. >> all right sue serio good morning to you. >> they were in the news couple of years ago and we would appreciate the follow up to them. because i think they've come through a lot there at penn wood high school in delaware county. >> watching the southern
4:46 am
storm, kotower north and south carolina still expected to take this kind of path, not this kind of path, but as it moves off shore it, will still throw back a lot of moisture and because of that we will get clouds and cooler temperatures. >> ultimate doppler nothing in the area right now but continuing to watch that storm see a lot of the rain west of just philadelphia, rest of today and tomorrow. further south you go the more after chance you have of seeing rain, we really don't see a lot of shower active tip for us here in the philadelphia area be prepared with the umbrella nearby, this afternoon, this afternoon and tomorrow a lot of cloud cover on friday with that northeasterly flow, right off the ocean, keeping us very, very cool. now, this is what is showing up on our future cast for
4:47 am
saturday. all of the shower activity, but again it, does look like most of it stays to the west. so we will keep an eye on that situation. so far so good with the forecast. and we'll hope that it holds. 53 degrees as you walk out the door right now, 48 mount pocono and trenton 49 degrees in reading if you are at the shop, 52 atlantic city a five in wildwood same temperature for dover delaware. winds not issue but they are starting to change direction and again with the on-shore flow we get increased clouds today, and we'll also get cooler temperatures, not like yesterday. look what the rise in temperatures yeah, we got to 77 on our perfect wednesday our perfect ten today, not quite as warm but still pleasant. 68 degrees and the early part of the day will be the best looking part of the day. a lot of clouds tomorrow. occasional shower. and high approaching 60 degrees. then on saturday, so far just looks like mix of sun and clouds. we will keep you posted on. that will high of 72, superb
4:48 am
sunday high of 77. and then back to the 80s on monday and tuesday, of next week. so we will keep an eye on that situation, as well as we take a look there at the seven-day forecast. so the 80s are coming back, bob kelly. >> coming back, you got it, 4:48. good morning everybody. live look at the 42 freeway the headlight coming in toward the city. light volume this morning on this thursday. they are still working downtown here, on the vine street expressway. left lane blocked one lane pattern to broad street until 5:30 quarter to six. light volume, no big back up, just be ready to hit the brakes when you come into downtown. same deal, on i95 the stretch between cottman avenue and bridge street. crews working in both directions between the the cottman avenue interchange. crews still out on the pennsylvania turnpike both directions near willow grove. shuttle bus service until 5:00 on both the market frankford and broad street
4:49 am
subway and new project that began yesterday will be with us for the next couple of weeks, now town road, shutdown during the midday, between sugar town over to waterloo. so expect delays, and follow the detours signs, and a jammo, midday jammo, coming our way to 422. actually is rhawn. working westbound between arm around hammer to sanatoga beginning at 9:00. take it down to one lane. right now good shape. grab your coffee, grab your keys let's go. no problems at all on the majors coming into philly and mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> mysterious string of attacks is happening on on a colorado highway. growing number of drivers reporting windows being shattered while driving on local interstate. most serious case so far is a woman who was shot in the neck growing mystery, has law enforcement and drivers confused. >> police say they're
4:50 am
canvassing the area with height ends patrols to find exactly what's causing these windows to break. >> police trying to find leader of a theft ring targeting rental cars at minneapolis st. paul international airport. so far the only man charge in the this incident is a 18 year old, who made his first court appearance tuesday. he's charged with stealing a 2015 dodge challenger from the avis car rental lot at the airport there in minneapolis, st. paul. this happened last month. now, investigators say the suspect did not act alone, and they are still looking for the master behind behind this crime. >> their schemas they go to the rental car place at the airport, they peel off the sticker that indicates it is a rental car then try to sweet talk their way out of the security air. >> they paid young men hundreds of dollars to steel the cars. police stopped the arrested teen along with three other men on suspicion of grand theft auto but eventually let
4:51 am
them go. police in arizona released surveillance of robbery at major department store happened at the sacks fifth avenue in phoenix. nine men wearing hooded sweatshirt walk right into the store. still, more than dozen designer purses, and police say they were able to get the job done in just 15 seconds. attends suspect waiting for the man in a get-away car. the plates on the car were traced but they turned out to be fake. >> surveillance video captured suspect breaking into a bedroom at a home in california. this happened during the day while the homeowner was out. the suspect entered through the rear bedroom door, took property from dresser. that will suspect still on the loose this morning. >> what a violation right? 4:51 the time. arm man barricades himself inside motor home. this is the scene yesterday, in he will sore even owe california. police had the guns drawn man came out with hands up, taken into custody. unclear what sparked the initial incident. police in oklahoma, say when they try to pull over a man on motorcycle he took off reaching speeds in excess of
4:52 am
100 miles per hour. despite blown tire he continued on, until a resident stood in the road blocking him causing him to crash. >> once on foot, police were able to catch him make the arrest. suspect reportedly said he had fled because he didn't have insurance. or even a license. but risk his life trying to get away, wow. 4:52 coming up piece of rock-and-roll history gone, appears elton john's glasses swiped from a museum. how police were able to find the guy who took them. >> ♪ ♪ vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use
4:53 am
in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus.
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you missed your calling i think you should have been with music. >> oh music runs in the family. another number one hit from elton john, benny and the jets speaking of sir elton piece of rock-and-roll history just swiped out of a museum, now it is back where it belongs at least. >> that's all thanks to clue, thief unknowingly left behind. old john heart shape frames stolen from the memphis rock-and-roll museum earlier this month. police say they found the thieves fingerprint on display
4:56 am
case. officer arrest him this week and say the thief admitted taking the glasses and told police exactly where to find them. needless to say museum work remembers relieved, the glasses are part of a exhibit on the 60th anniversary of rock-and-roll. >> and losing one of the key pieces especially with it being, devastating to us. we have tight security here at rock and soul. rare thing that anyone in any museum would touch a display case especially this with locks and things like, that but managed to break into this small case and steel the iconic elton john glasses. >> the glass also on loan from private owner and worth about $2,000. even if elton john still used the glasses he probably wouldn't have missed them much. the sing area rumored to own as many as 250,000 pairs of glasses. >> kind of his signature for all of those years. now, you worked in memphis. >> i did. >> for awhile. this is big tourist hot spot, yes it is. i have been there. and it is a very cool museum. i mean, everything about
4:57 am
memphis and music -- >> what about bracelets elvis' home? >> i'll make a confession i lived in memphis for five years, i never went to grace lands. >> you are kidding me. >> no kidding. i reported live outside graceland. >> didn't get past the gates? >> i did not. crazy to see how many people come there look, stand picture take, and look. >> yes? all right including you. 4:57 the time. coming up: tech i tatoo lovers take note. why the apple watch might be out whitt dollars by the ink on your arm interesting. oh now i get it.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> protesters in cities across the country uniting over the death of freddie gray. plus details on an event happening today right here, in philadelphia. >> and new this morning a car, want in the connection with the hit-and-run after temple student found overnight. we are live with the breaking details. >> and another nice start but don't let the next few days fool you. it is not going to be as perfect as yesterday was sue with all of the details in her forecast. >> yesterday was perfect ten according to sue serio this thursday april 30th 2015. let's check and see the numbers sue serio. >> eight is pretty great. >> it is not going to go as perfect as yesterday, not as warm as yelled.


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